Berchtesgaden is another of those wonderful Austrian natural wonders. With everything you come to expect from alpine Austria, you can enjoy nature’s bounty and learn about some of the important and landmark historic places.

Eagle’s Nest, the summer residence of Hitler sits on the top of a mountain, with a breath-taking panorama. Buses take you to a viewing platform from where a long tunnel leads to a bronze lift and the residence itself.

The Old Salt Mine dates from 1834. Bad Reichenhall depends on salt and the mine is still in operation today. Tours are available which take you to the pumping room, museum and through some of the underground tunnels by a small train. The guide informs you on how the mine was created and how people work there to produce salt.

Lake Königssee. Take a boat ride along the “Kings Lake” beneath the steep rock face. The boatman will sound his trumpet on the crossing to St. Bartholomew to create the world-famous Königssee echo. The pilgrimage church of St. Bartholomew is renowned for its red-wine coloured onion domes.


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